Technoid Mainstay

Technoid Mainstay is our new AI Sales and Marketing system.

It fuses AI capabilities with human-like connections

to transform your sales and marketing.

Read on to learn the highlights of Technoid Mainstay.

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Features of the Technoid Mainstay

AI Sales and Marketing System


Sales & Marketing AI that Learns Your Business

The Technoid Mainstay AI system is based on a foundation of both broad marketing knowledge and industry-specific expertise. It builds upon that base by using your website to quickly learn the exact details of your business and products. Once it has learned your business it is ready to act as both your sales representative on your website and your online marketing content creator.


AI Chatbot that Converts Site Visitors to Leads and Appointments

The Technoid Mainstay AI chatbot seamlessly joins your website after adding a single line of code. Once on your website the chatbot engages in genuine conversations with site visitors and works to convert them into sales leads. Technoid Mainstay can integrate with your scheduling system to directly book appointments with interested leads. It can also integrate with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to save time entering customer information and reduce mistakes in that data.


AI Content Creation that Generates Interest and Drives Traffic

The Technoid Mainstay AI content creator creates social media posts that will get your results noticed. The content creator uses your recent and past successes to create content that is customized to the social media platforms you use. The content creator uses relevant keywords and hashtags to get you more relevant local search traffic and interest from social media users in your area.


Sales & Marketing AI that Evolves with Your Business

The Technoid Mainstay AI system is designed to keep up with the everchanging nature of your business. It learns from each interaction and constantly fine-tunes its approach to meet customer needs. This continual optimization allows it to boost your productivity and drive your sales to remarkable new levels.

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