Search Box Optimization

Search Box Optimization (SBO) is our exclusive service that lets you bypass your competitors and make your business the first search result your customers see.

Read on to learn the highlights of SBO. Or visit our SBO site for a thorough explanation of the service and its benefits.

Please note that currently SBO is only available for the following clients:

• Brick-and-mortar businesses located in the US, Canada, UK or Australia

• Online businesses with servers located in the US, Canada, UK or Australia

What is Search Box Optimization?

Search engines and many sites with a search function provide autocomplete suggestions. When someone starts typing in a search phrase different suggestions will be displayed for completing the search. People will use those suggestions when searching for products or services.

Search Box Optimization is our exclusive service that will get your business placed in the autocomplete suggestions for the best and most relevant keywords to target the customers you want. When your desired prospects search for those keywords they will see an autocomplete suggestion that associates the keywords with your business. When prospects use your autocomplete suggestion their search will be filled with results for your business and not for your competitors.

SBO for Google and Bing

Use SBO to get your business in Google's autocomplete and people will think that the world's most popular search engine is recommending your business over all of your competitors.

You can also use SBO to get placed in Bing's autocomplete. It's true that there's less traffic on Bing but that means it's easier for SBO to work there and you can get placed more quickly.

SBO and YouTube

Use SBO to get your name in the YouTube autocomplete results for your desired keywords. Once that happens then YouTube search results will be filled with your videos (both new and old) for those keywords.

Using SBO with YouTube works no mattter who you are - business, content creator or influencer. And if you don't have a channel or any content then we can help you set up your channel and provide a free montage video.

For more details see the Advantages of SBO on YouTube page on our SBO site.

Search Box Optimization
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